Centre for Information and Recognition of Qualifications in Higher Education (hereinafter CIP/CIR), was established by the Framework Law on Higher Education in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Official Gazette of BiH, issue 59/07), as an independent administrative organization.

At its 33rd session held on January 10th 2008, The Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina passed a Decision on the Commencement of Work and the Seat of CIP/CIR (Official Gazette of BiH, issue 9/08). The Decision stipulated that CIP/CIR would begin its operations on March 1st, 2008, with the official seat being in Mostar.

CIP/CIR’s work is independent and public. With respect to the competence pertaining to the information and recognition of qualifications in higher education, this independence is achieved in accordance with legal, transparent and public procedures.

Transparency of the CIP/CIR’s work is ensured pursuant to the Law on Freedom of Access to Informationin Bosnia and Herzegovina, and through submission of reports to the CIP/CIR’s Steering Committee, Council of Ministers of BiH, Parliamentary Assembly of BiH, through issuance of public announcements, and publishing of information on the CIP/CIR website.

In carrying out the work falling under its competence, CIP/CIR relies on the following principles:


• legality;

• transparency;

• responsibility;

• efficacy and efficiency;

• professional objectivity.


CIP/CIR cooperates with the following relevant institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH, Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Srpska, Federal Ministry of Education and Science, cantonal ministries of education, Department of Education in the Government of Brčko District of BiH, Agency for Development of Higher Education and Quality Assurance, the Republic of Srpska Commission for Information and Recognition, and the higher education institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Under the Framework Law on Higher Education in Bosnia and Herzegovina, CIP/CIR is in charge of:

-information and recognition in higher education;

-coordination and international exchange of members of academia, students, and programs in higher education;

-representing Bosnia and Herzegovina in international projects in higher education; through the international network of information centres (ENIC/NARIC network), CIP/CIR provides information to the higher education institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina on higher education institutions and programmes as the basis for recognition of degrees and diplomas for further education at higher education institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it represents Bosnia and Herzegovina in those networks;

CIP provides information and opinion about foreign degrees and diplomas in Bosnia and Herzegovina in relation to the continuation of education at higher education institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina;

-it gives advice and information from its scope of activities to the parties with legitimate interest;

-in accordance with the Lisbon Convention and its supporting documents, it makes recommendations concerning the recognition of diplomas obtained outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the Ministry of the Republic of Srpska, cantonal ministries, and Brčko District of BiH aimed at finding employment, continuing education and exercising other rights stemming from the obtained qualification.