Created on 07 April 2023

31 credential evaluators from 15 national recognition centres partners in the EQPR, including representative of the Centre for Information and Recognition of Qualifications in Higher Education completed the training on the EQPR methodology, held in Strasbourg from 28 to 30 March 2023. In addition to completing the training, they also put into practice the knowledge gained by participating in online assessment of refugees’ qualifications. 18 refugees have had their qualifications assessed on 30 March and the result of the assessments will be known in the first weeks of April.

Strasbourg EQPR Training March 2023 1The EQPR aims at helping its holders to continue their studies or find relevant jobs in their new host countries.

The EQPR methodology is based on a self-assessment questionnaire completed by the refugee and a structured interview. The interview is conducted by a team of two credentials evaluators from different ENICs/NARICs, at least one of whom has expert knowledge of the language and education system of the country from which the applicant claims to have his/her qualification.

Strasbourg EQPR Training March 2023 2The EQPR is a tool that was developed to help member States to address the challenges brought by the refugee crisis, by building the capacity for the sustainable response to the possible crisis situations in the future.Strasbourg EQPR Training March 2023 3