Created on 22 May 2023

Organized by the Center for Information and Recognition of Qualifications in Higher Education and the International Burch University, in Sarajevo, hotel Europe, on 17 May 2023, the meeting"How to improve the mobility of students, academic and administrative staff?" was held.

Meeting Mobility Burch CIP Sarajevo 17 May 2023The meeting was attended by representatives of offices for international cooperation at higher education institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, representatives of the Agency for the Development of Higher Education and Quality Assurance, and the Erasmus+ office in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Meeting Mobility Burch CIP Sarajevo 17 May 2023. 2Analysis of regulations of higher education institutions in the field of mobility; the Model of Rulebook on the international exchange of academic staff, administrative staff, and students; the participation of higher education institutions from Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Erasmus+ program 2021-2027, and availability of online course catalogs were presented during the meeting.

Meeting Mobility Burch CIP Sarajevo 17 May 2023. 3The presentations were followed by a discussion, where the importance of the presented topics and this meeting were pointed out.In the end, it was concluded that the presented Model of Rulebook on the International Exchange of Academic and Administrative Staff and Students is a good basis for the development of the rulebook at higher education institutions, but an organization of additional workshop has been seen as a good idea in order to elaborate some provisions of the Model of Rulebook in detail.Meeting Mobility Burch CIP Sarajevo 17 May 2023. 4